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Joelle Andrea is an internationally-published portrait and beauty photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a unique eye for beauty, drawn from her rich life experiences. As a graduate from San Diego State University, she studied art and design. After college she worked in San Francisco as a graphic designer. And then she took a vacation to Italy that stretched from weeks into years.  As a teacher of English to children, a director of client services for a private yachting company, and a designer at a publishing house, her eyes learned to see as Italians do. And in Italy - beauty always comes first. 

Now based in San Francisco, her work combines a designer's sense of style, an artist's eye for beauty, and the simplicy that comes from a deep understanding of the tools of photography. As a commercial photographer and portraitist dedicated to delivering on client briefs, Joelle focuses on collaboration, mastery of light, and on bringing the best out of talent and subjects.

Dedication is the journey. Beauty is the destination.